11 Ways to Soothe a Fussy Baby: Tips for Caregivers and Parents

11 Ways to Soothe a Fussy Baby: Tips for Caregivers and Parents

One of the first things I looked up aside from "is ____ normal?" after giving birth was ways to soothe a fussy baby and if that's why you're here, you're in good company.

Why Babies Cry

You've just given birth to your newborn baby. You're exhausted and you want to know how to soothe her crying.

Sound like you right now?

I was surprised to find out just how much babies cried when I had my twins. You usually don't see much of it before having babies unless you're around a lot of them beforehand, which I wasn't, so I was left most days searching for new ways to soothe a fussy baby.

It's normal for babies to cry when they are tired or hungry, but sometimes crying can be a sign of distress. If you have tried everything on this list and your little one is still crying, it may be time to call the doctor just to be on the safe side.

It's also possible that your baby has colic if they're crying non-stop.

What is Colic?

Colic is when crying is excessive and comes on suddenly. It usually starts when your baby is around two weeks old, but it can be diagnosed as early as birth or up to four months of age.

While there isn't one specific cause that triggers colic symptoms in babies, most doctors believe the discomfort could come from gas pains due to swallowing air during feeding. Colic-y babies are usually uncomfortable for more than three hours a day, crying for more than three days a week.

It does end though! It usually ends by that fourth month of life. I know it might seem like an incredibly long time right now, but you will make it through with this list of ways to soothe a fussy baby.

11 Ways to Soothe a Fussy Baby

Swaddle the baby up tight

This will help them feel secure and comforted. I found that the tighter swaddle, the better. We have some super soft swaddles in our collection. Click here to shop!

Wear baby in a baby carrier

I know you've been holding and rocking your baby for a while now, so let's try the baby carrier. They are one of the best purchases I think you can make as a new parent! As long as your baby is big enough per the guide given with your carrier, wear that baby as often as you can!

Offer a lovey

A lovey is a great idea in order to offer a bit of security to your baby. Everything is new for them so offering them something that they can always have with them might help them over time.

We have some adorable lovey's in our shop! Click here to check them out.

Make sure they're warm

It is important to make sure your baby is always comfortable in their clothing. I know some of the pretty over-the-top outfits might look adorable, but in all reality, they aren't too comfortable for babies for long periods of time. Something like zippered sleepers is a great idea for keeping them warm and comfortable!

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Play music for the baby

Calming music can soothe a crying infant. I even found that sometimes my own music on a low volume would soothe my babies. I figure this is because it's what they heard while in the womb. Singing along with the music is always a calming plus!

Turn on a baby youtube channel

Channels such as Hey Bear and Little Baby Bum are great for your babies eyes to try to follow to calm down. Hey Bear is the one I would recommend most! Plus isn't terribly annoying over time for yourself.

Take the baby outside into natural light

Sunlight may help to ease their discomfort or crying spells. Likewise, taking them out into the fresh night air might help too!

Offer a pacifier if breastfeeding is not an issue

It can provide some relief for gas pains and colic symptoms in some babies.

Make sure the baby's diaper is dry and changed regularly

A wet diaper can add to their discomfort and make babies even fussier. Make sure they are always clean and warm at that!

Give them tummy time

It may help with gas pains, colic symptoms in some infants. It also gives them an opportunity to practice lifting their head up too which can be a good exercise for this stage of development.

Try using a baby swing or bouncer seat as another soothing technique

Swinging motions tend to soothe crying babies who are struggling. My friend's daughter had colic and would only sleep swaddled up and strapped into her swing. They are definitely worth the investment!

I hope this list of ways to soothe a fussy baby has helped you add some new tools to your toolbox and hopefully they help your little!

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