About Us

Welcome to the Elle and Pea family. We are a family run business with a lot of heart. We believe cozy is a lifestyle.


That’s why I created Elle and Pea.


Our baby and toddler boutique focuses on both baby and mama. It’s about both of you. And we want to make shopping for your little ones exciting yet simple.


It’s easy to get lost in big online retailers but we carefully pick and curate our lines to meet the needs moms tell us they have.


Want sustainable? We have that. Want handmade? We have that too. Want to explore organic clothing? We can show you the best options for your babies.


Meet Rachael 

Hi! I'm Rachael and I design, create for and run Elle and Pea. 


I used to design for and run a clothing boutique for women when I lived in NY but left the retail space to do online marketing. But my love for clothing and the changing landscape of sustainable clothing kept creating this deep passion in me to create clothing again.


Now that I’m a mom of two beautiful 2 year old boys, I find myself day to day enjoying the art of dressing again! So I decided to curate a boutique that brings joy to getting dressed each day.


As a twin mom of 2 boys, I'm in the throws of the daily carousel of outfit changes! I love dressing my babies. I want their clothes to be comfortable for them to wear, easy for me to get on them, and of course be beautiful and bring me joy when I dress them in the outfits.


When I got pregnant with our twins, it was the biggest surprise of my life. Other surprises? I became the most picky and conscious consumer I had ever been. I researched safe products and sustainable, unique, handmade, and even organic clothing pieces. I connected with hundreds of new moms who wanted the same thing though out my pregnancy.


I hope you love the collections we curated for you. It’s just me, my husband, and a few amazing women who handmade these lines. We make these clothes here in the U.S. and your support helps us support more moms in their craft.


I feel like ever time I dress my babies, I’m wrapping them in something I love. 


So go ahead, pick out the outfits, take the pictures and let us wrap you in love.