Baby Girl Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves from a Small Shop

Wondering what you should include in your baby girl capsule wardrobe? I have some must haves (all from a small shop) that you should definitely include in yours!

What is a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is essentially a wardrobe made of essential pieces that can all be worn together for a variety of looks with minimal pieces. So when it comes to building a baby girl capsule wardrobe, I'll only be sharing pieces that can all be worn together and of course, leaving out the fluff.

Capsule wardrobes for babies are an awesome idea because you can so easily get lost in buying every last thing you need for your baby. But instead of buying every cute outfit you see, maybe instead invest in a variety of handmade, quality pieces and spend the money you would on more clothes for some fun adventures with your baby!

Let's dive into what to include in your baby girl capsule wardrobe.

What to Include in a Baby Girl Capsule Wardrobe

First off, I want to share that you should first pick a few colors that you want for your capsule wardrobe. Since every piece will be worn together in a variety of ways, you want them all to actually go together. Unless you don't. Then disregard this message!

1. Soft Solid Color Onesies


Solid colored onesies are great because you can wear them a variety of ways without any patterns getting in the way. Our onesies are incredibly soft to the touch and have easy to use snaps for easy changes.

Click here to shop our selection of onesies.

2. Solid (matching) Bottoms

You can go with patterns if you want (same with the onesies). But monochromatic outfits are totally a thing right now and your baby would look absolutely adorable!

Click here to shop our selection of pants.

3. Bummies

Bummies are a great idea to invest in for the warmer months where you might want you baby in "shorts". We carry some awesome patterns if that is what you're looking for!

Click here to shop our selection of bummies.

4. Rompers

Rompers are a great idea because they're pretty versatile. You can use them as daytime clothes or as pajamas. Either way, they are a great addition to your baby girl capsule wardrobe.

Click here to shop our rompers.

5. Patterned Shirts

I suggested plain pants so that you can mix and match with the tops you buy. Our patterned shirts are a great idea for your babies capsule wardrobe!

Click here to shop our shirts.

6. Dresses

You'll of course want to add in some dresses into your babies capsule wardrobe! We have a fun selection of baby girl dresses that are perfect for all occasions.

Click here to shop our dresses.

I hope that gives you a pretty good idea of what you should include in your baby girl capsule wardrobe! Make sure to check out our shop for some sustainable and stylish baby clothing picks.

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