Baby Led Weaning Secrets: What You Need + What to Know

Baby Led Weaning Secrets: What You Need + What to Know

Looking for baby led weaning secrets? Then you've come to the right place.

*note: I am not a doctor or nutritionist and everything shared inside of this post is based on personal experience. Please use your own judgement and caution moving forward with baby led weaning.*

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What is Baby Led Weaning?

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a way of introducing solid foods to your baby, instead of starting with purees. With BLW, your baby will feed themselves small pieces of food that they pick up off the plate.

Why Try Baby Led Weaning?

There are many benefits to trying baby led weaning:

  • Your baby will learn to eat on their own schedule, and not rely on you to spoon-feed them.
  • You'll save money on buying jars of baby food.
  • Your baby will get more nutrients and fiber since they'll be eating real food instead of processed mush.
  • It's a fun and exciting way for your baby to learn about new foods

Baby led weaning can be pretty messy as they are learning to feed themselves, but that is a small price to pay for all of the amazing benefits of baby led weaning!

What's the Catch?

It can be scary for some since there is a risk of choking. Since your baby is learning how to chew with their gums for the first time, you have to make sure you are preparing their food properly to reduce the risk of choking.

Here are some tips for preparing food for baby led weaning.

I don't share the risk to scare you away from it, however, it is something you should be aware of when diving into baby led weaning.

When to Start Baby Led Weaning

Generally you should begin to introduce solid foods once baby is six months old, however, here are some things to look out for when it comes to readiness for trying solid foods:

  • Baby can sit up unsupported.
  • Baby has good head and neck control.
  • Baby is interested in what you are eating.
  • Baby can open their mouth wide and chew on food comfortably.

If your baby checks off that list, they should be ready to begin with solid foods!

Now that you know they're ready or know when they'll be ready, let's talk about what you'll need for baby led weaning.

What You'll Need for Baby Led Weaning

Some helpful things when it comes to baby led weaning include:

  • Mess free bibs (these ones are ideal & the secret to less mess!)
  • A soft mat or towel for your baby to eat on (the floor can be hard and slippery).
  • A high chair that straps your child in securely. This is important to keep them safe as they are learning to feed themselves.
  • Plates and utensils that are specially designed for babies. These can help reduce the risk of choking.
  • Bags or containers to store food in once it has been prepared. This will help you stay organized and make meal prep easier.

I am going to share this tip again because these bibs are SO helpful when it comes to baby led weaning. I am not kidding. As someone who has twins, these bibs made feeding time a whole lot easier. They catch the food as it falls, they are easy to wash (dishwasher friendly!), and they keep babies lap clean.

Check them out here!

I hope this post shared with you all of the baby led weaning secrets you were dying to know!

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