How to Create a Newborn Twins Sleep Schedule

How to Create a Newborn Twins Sleep Schedule

There's no denying that a newborn twin's sleep schedule is one of the most helpful things to parents of newborn twins. Today we're diving into how to create your own newborn twin's sleep schedule!

Importance of a Sleep Schedule for Twins

There's no denying that raising twins is tough. One of the most difficult things about having newborn twins is getting them on a sleep schedule. A newborn twin sleep schedule can be hard to figure out, but it doesn't have to be! In this blog post, we'll explore some different methods for getting your newborn twins onto a routine and sleeping through the night.

Sleep schedules are very important for newborn babies because it helps regulate their bodies. Getting your newborn twins on a sleep schedule can help them eat and rest at regular intervals, which is very important for keeping babies healthy, happy, and growing!

Before we dive into creating your newborn twins sleep schedule, let's talk about some tips for getting your newborn twins to sleep!

Tips for Getting Newborn Twins to Sleep:

  • Swaddle until they can wiggle around
  • Play a white noise machine
  • Cool, dark rooms are helpful
  • Try not to overstimulate prior to laying them down
  • Feed/change both at the same time every time
  • Keep them on a good routine (diving into that in a bit!)

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Even with just one baby, it's important for moms of babies (and anyone else caring for an infant) to have a routine that works as soon as possible so everyone knows what is expected of them during those first few months.

There are many different ways to get your newborn twins onto a sleep schedule- we'll go over some of the most popular ones today. We recommend trying all of these methods until you find one that works best with your parenting style so you don't have any interruptions in getting your little ones sleeping through the night!

Tips for Creating a Newborn Twins Sleep Schedule

1. Create a daily wake time

A daily wake time is super helpful when it comes to creating a good newborn twins sleep schedule because it provides a structure for both you and your newborns.

If one of the twins wakes up first, follow their lead on when to start that day's schedule, but if they wake at different times use the earlier time as a guide for your daily routine.  

2. Set a daily bedtime

Wake time isn't the only important thing when it comes to creating a solid sleep schedule for your twins. Setting a daily bedtime is essential because newborn twins are most likely to have predictable sleeping patterns during the night.

When you set a bedtime, it becomes much easier to predict when your newborns will wake up in the morning and adjust their daily schedules accordingly.  

3. Start a bedtime routine right away

A bedtime routine is helpful for every age and you can definitely start inside of the newborn stage! A bedtime routine is helpful for creating a solid sleep schedule because they signal to the twins that it's time for bed.

4. Attempt a feeding schedule

Breastfeeding and feeding schedules don't go together well, but you can try! It's easier to create a set feeding schedule with bottle feeding and you'd do just that by scheduling out their recommended milk consumption throughout the day. If you're nursing, however, you might want to start by feeding every two hours to avoid them getting too hungry. Understand, however, babies can be hungry more often than every two hours so they might want to nurse some more.

5. Stick to regular naps

Sticking to specific nap times can be rough but they're important for creating a newborn twins sleep schedule because it's how they'll get used to sleeping at regular intervals throughout the day.

While creating a schedule with newborn twins might seem daunting, there are lots of resources out there that can help! I hope these tips help you get your twins on a solid sleep schedule!

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