How to Travel by Car with Twin Babies: Tips and Tricks

How to Travel by Car with Twin Babies: Tips and Tricks

Wondering how to prepare to travel by car with twin babies? You're in the right place.

car travel with twin babies

Planning to take your twins out of the house for the first time? Whether you're going on a road trip or just making it to daycare, there are some important things to think about before getting in the car. The safety and comfort of both babies is paramount, but don't worry! We've put together this list of tips and tricks for traveling with twins by car.

How to Prepare to Travel By Car with Twin Babies

If you're getting ready to travel by car with twin babies, you should make sure you have the following things ready to go:

Buy Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats are a MUST for traveling with twin babies. They make getting in and out of the car a breeze for twin parents. Instead of having to carry each baby to and from the car, you can simply buckle them into their infant seats and carry them by the handle when you need to go into stores, in and out of houses, and more.

Bring More Diapers, Clothes, and Food Than You Think You'll Need

A lot can happen during a car ride with twin babies. I always packed along with double the number of diapers I thought I would need and the same goes for clothing.

A great idea for clothing for when you travel by car with babies is rompers like these. They are easy to get babies in and out of when diaper changes need to happen in the car or when accidents happen.

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Then when it comes to food, I think it's smart to bring along an extra bottle if you're bottle-feeding or if your baby has started on solids, a few snack options would be a great idea!

If you're going for a long car ride and plan to feed your babies a full meal, make sure to pack along these mess-free bibs to give you the best chance at minimizing food mess in your car!

Figure Out A System for Feeding Babies

Speaking of feeding your babies, I would definitely think ahead when it comes to traveling by car with twin babies. You'll need to feed both at once. How is that going to happen? If you're nursing, maybe it would be easier to bring along some extra pillows to help you nurse them both in the front seat. Or if you're supplementing, it might be ideal to bring bottles along to make things easier on the go.

If you want to feed one baby at a time, make sure to pack something along to keep the other baby distracted like one of these lovey loops. They'll keep your baby's hands and mind busy for a while!

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Figure Out A System for Diaper Changes

Just like feeding, you're going to need a system for diaper changes in the car. A great way to make diaper changes in the car easy is by having your babies dressed in rompers like these that are easy to zip on and off and then something as simple as a towel or blanket for changing in the front seat, or the hatch if you have one!

I hope these tips for how to travel by car with twin babies have been helpful for you and got you set up well for your first of many car rides with your babies!

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