5 Mask Tips for Toddlers: How to Get Your Toddler to Wear a Mask

5 Mask Tips for Toddlers: How to Get Your Toddler to Wear a Mask

If you're wondering how to get your toddler to finally wear a mask without much of a fight, you need to read through these mask tips for toddlers!

mask wearing tips for toddlers

Benefits of Teaching Your Toddler to Wear a Mask Early

There are many benefits to toddlers wearing masks including:

  • toddlers gain better health
  • toddlers are not at risk for infection
  • toddlers can help protect others in the family from getting sick.

I know you've probably heard the whole spiel over the last (almost) two years, but they are super helpful for preventing a lot of illnesses with proper usage!

Proper Mask Wearing for Toddlers

Make sure your toddler is wearing their mask correctly.

  • Their mask should cover both their mouth and nose
  • The mask should be strapped on tightly but not too tight as to cause discomfort.
  • To make things easy, but them a child-sized mask. These ones are a great option!

As much as you can try to get your toddler to wear their mask correctly, it can still be pretty difficult to get them to do so. Toddlers have a hard time understanding why they need to wear a mask. So now we will discuss how you can get your toddler to wear a mask with 5 easy tips!

5 Mask Tips for Toddlers

Let them pick the design

No matter how silly the design, let them pick. They are so much more likely to wear their mask if they actually like it! We have a handful of masks in our shop including "mommy and me" masks to choose from. Who knows, your toddler might feel more comfortable wearing a mask if you have a matching one!

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Practice at home

An easy way to do this would be by playing pretend or dressing up. Practice going to the store in the house. Grocery shop from your kitchen. Toy shop from your toy chest. And all the while be sure to be practicing these mask tips for toddlers!

Model wearing the mask

Make sure you are also wearing a mask around your children! They're more likely to follow suit if they see the people around them wearing masks as well. Like I mentioned earlier, it might be even more helpful to wear the same-looking mask.

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Practice Mask Wearing with a Stuffed Animal

This is another great mask tip for toddlers! Practicing wearing a mask with their favorite stuffed animals around the house or even on the go is a great way to help encourage your toddler to properly wear their mask!

Make it a Happy Thing

We all know that toddlers can pick up on how we talk about things. If we talk about mask-wearing in a negative light, odds are they're going to grow a negative association with masks and it'll be even harder to get them to wear their mask properly. We all know it can be uncomfortable to wear one all of the time, but it really is for the greater good and we can be sure to help our toddlers understand that!

I hope these mask tips for toddlers help you get your toddlers to wear their masks without much of a fight!

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