New 2022 Baby Clothing Trends - Boys and Girls + Gender Neutral Options

New 2022 Baby Clothing Trends - Boys and Girls + Gender Neutral Options

New Baby Trends: Overalls are back, Bloomers are in and Bell bottoms will be in season all year. 
Let's talk 2022 baby clothing trends.
Now, who doesn't love some adorable trendy baby clothes. Am I right? Something about a baby all dolled up in some cute clothes is just awe worthy!
There are some adorable baby clothing trends out there this year that seriously take the cake. A lot of new ones and a lot of returning trends from our own childhoods.
Let's dive into the best 2022 baby clothing trends!

New Baby Clothing Trends

Biggest trend of all? Sustainable & organic baby clothing.

Why sustainable baby clothes?

Buying organic baby clothing is said to be better for your babies sensitive skin because it is free of chemicals and pesticides. It also has a better environmental impact given just how many pieces of baby clothing you're likely to go through during the first year. 

You can read more about it here.

Where to find sustainable baby clothes

Okay, now for the on trend baby clothes!

1. Overalls are BACK

Babies are cute, but a baby in OVERALLS? Hello. How sweet is that?? Overalls are back and as cute as can be. We have a handful of adorable options in our shop this spring that you should absolutely check out!

You can check them out here!

2. Bloomers are in

Bloomers are one of those pieces of baby clothing that come in handy for quite a few things. They work great as diaper covers for hot hot days, great as shorts with a cute top, and then also work as a nice diaper cover under a cute spring/summer dress!

You can check them out here. 

3. Bell Bottoms will be on trend all year long

 Bell bottoms are back and let me just say that baby bell bottoms are the cutest things ever. We are working on getting some into our shop but in the mean time, check around other small shops for some adorable baby bell bottoms! Make sure to check back soon for our collection.

4. Unisex clothing sets

Another great clothing trend for babies this year (and the last few years) are unisex clothing sets! These are a great sustainable way to keep your baby clothed in trendy outfits that you can also pass on to friends, family, or have your future babies wear one day!

You can shop our sets here. 

5. Rompers

We live for rompers around here. They are the easiest way to dress your baby with the trends! 

We have some adorable ones in our shop linked here. 

6. Lots of accessories

Who doesn't love a baby with some cute accessories! Headwraps have been a trend for the last handful of years and I don't see them going away anytime soon.

Shop our collection of baby accessories here.

I hope this list of baby clothing trends for 2022 has inspired you to grab a few new pieces for your little and if you're interested, our shop is packed with on trend baby clothing (everything listed in this post, in fact!). Our products are made from high quality, unique fabrics and are so dang cute. Definitely check them out!

 2022 baby clothing trends

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