Newborn Baby Wardrobe Essentials - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Wondering what newborn baby wardrobe essentials you should add to your baby registry? You're in the right place.

newborn baby clothes

Choosing Newborn Baby Wardrobe Essentials

Choosing what to include in your newborn baby wardrobe can definitely be overwhelming. I was there when I was about to have my twins and it was daunting. What do you really need for a baby?? Well, that is what I want to answer for you today.

I want to provide you with an awesome list of newborn baby wardrobe essentials, all that you can add to your baby registry or you can purchase today!

All of the products mentioned inside of this post can be found in our small shop that can be found if you click here. We are always getting new stock in so it's always worth a shot to check out the new inventory.

Okay. Let's talk newborn baby wardrobe essentials.

Newborn Baby Wardrobe Essentials

1. Rompers

These are great for sleep and daytime/playtime. Rompers are the best way to go because of how easy they are to get on and off of your baby and they also will keep your baby warmer.

My first suggestion would be our "grow with me" rompers that are available. They are buttery soft and perfect for all genders as they are gender neutral. They would be the perfect start to your newborn baby wardrobe!

newborn baby essentials - romper

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2. Footed Rompers

For the colder months, it is a great idea to invest in some quality footed rompers. They still have a zipper (the key!) but they have enclosed feet rather than openings.

newborn baby wardrobe essentials

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3. Onesies

It's always a great idea to be well stocked on onesies. We offer some amazingly buttery soft onesies that are similar to our rompers mentioned earlier.

newborn baby clothes

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4. Grow with Me Pants

Grow with me pants are a great idea for your growing little baby! They will last much longer and you won't have to buy clothes constantly for your little one. We have some super soft grow with me pants available in our shop!

newborn baby essentials

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5. Bummies!

Bummies are a great idea for the warmer months to wear under dresses or as shorts over a diaper. They are so versatile and we have some super cute options in our shop!

newborn baby clothing essentials

6. Hats

Hats are another great idea to keep baby warm during the colder months. Their little bald heads need the added warmth and our crocheted hats for baby are a great option!

newborn baby essentials

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7. Dresses

Finally, the last items of this list of newborn baby wardrobe essentials are some cute dresses! These can be fun in the warmer months or accompanied with some tights for the colder months. We have some Pinterest favorite dresses that are absolutely adorable! 

newborn baby clothes

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I hope you loved this list of newborn baby wardrobe essentials and that you have found a few things you both love and adore! Happy shopping!

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