Newborn Photoshoot Tips: How to Take Pictures of a Baby

Newborn Photoshoot Tips: How to Take Pictures of a Baby

If you're wanting to have your own DIY newborn photoshoot or you're new to photographing newborns, these newborn photoshoot tips are just what you need!

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Why Photographing Newborns Is Difficult

Photographing newborns is difficult because they're so tiny, temperamental, and they can barely hold their own heads up. They also aren't very mobile for the first few months of life which makes posing them a bit more difficult than photographing an older baby or toddler who is moving around everywhere.

Which btw, has its own challenges.

But photographing a newborn takes some trial and error. You have to get the outfits just right, beware of the room temperature, make sure they've eaten and pottied recently, amongst so many other things.

How to Prepare for a Newborn Photoshoot:

To prepare for a newborn photo shoot, you should...

  • Plan props ahead of time + poses
  • Make sure props are also ready to go
  • Make sure baby has just eaten
  • Make sure the baby is well-rested
  • Check that the room temperature isn't too high or low. You want the baby (and yourself) comfortable!

Now comes the newborn photoshoot tips!

Newborn Photoshoot Tips:

Dress Baby to Match the Theme

Or even pick the theme based on the outfits you love! You can also use accessories, like hats or socks to match their outfit! (click here for some adorable newborn baby gear).

Choose Clothes That Are Easy to Change

Babies can drool, spit up milk, and potty all over themselves while you're trying to get your perfect shot! A few simple swaps, like zippers over buttons, can make a HUGE difference when it comes to making sure things go smoothly.

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Bring Disposable Diapers

Just like their clothes, they might soil their diapers too while trying to get the perfect shot so make sure you're stacked with diapers and wipes!

Use Bummies With Dresses

If you're going with a newborn dress for your newborn photoshoot, make sure to dress your babe with a matching bummie so that their diaper isn't showing in the photos!

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Select a Time Where Baby is More Likely to Be Well Rested

This is the most important of these newborn photoshoot tips! I know this can be difficult to gauge, but a well-rested baby will make things SO much easier!

Prepare for Family Shots

You're not just taking pictures of the newborn during a newborn photoshoot. You're taking pictures as a whole family! So pick out coordinating outfits and make sure everyone other than the baby is ready for the shoot as well.

That concludes our newborn photoshoot tips for today!

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