Small Shop Baby Boy Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Small Shop Baby Boy Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Creating a baby boy capsule wardrobe is essential for parents with limited space or for parents who want to keep themselves from buying everything on the shelves. Today I am sharing with you baby boy capsule wardrobe must haves you should definitely buy for your baby boy before he makes his arrival. This list is also exclusively products from our small shop, Elle and Pea!

We take great pride in offering on trend, sustainable, and handmade baby clothing and accessories that will hold up and of course, that are super cozy for your baby to be comfortable in!

Let's dive in!

baby boy capsule wardrobe

Baby Boy Capsule Wardrobe

Everyday Romper

A good everyday romper is a must for your baby boy capsule wardrobe! I would suggest getting a handful of them because they are great for both day and night use!

baby boy capsule wardrobe - romper

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Footed Romper

Footed rompers are great for day use during the colder months and then the best for nighttime wear the rest of the year to keep baby comfortable. I'd suggest getting a few of them!

baby boy clothing - sleeper romper

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Plain Onesies

Plain onesies are a staple for all baby wardrobes. You will likely go through a few a day so buy a handful of them to avoid having to do laundry every single day. Our onesies are incredibly soft for baby's skin!

baby boy clothing - onesies

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Comfy Pants

Of course comfy pants are a must have for your baby boy capsule wardrobe! Our pants for baby are soft to the touch and allow for plenty of movement for your active baby boy!

baby boy capsule wardrobe - pants

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Matching Sets

A wardrobe isn't complete without a few matching sets, right? Check out our adorable selection of matching sets for baby! They are soft and provide plenty of wiggle room for your baby!

baby boy matching outfits

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Now this won't become a necessity until the colder months, but having a handful of sweaters is a definite must for the cold months for your baby boy!

baby boy clothing - sweater

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And if you're shopping for baby during the warmer months, shorts are obviously a necessity. I'd suggest grabbing a handful for your baby just in case those random blowouts happen (which they will eventually, sorry!)

baby boy shorts - baby boy capsule wardrobe

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Last on this list of baby boy capsule wardrobe must haves? Some bummies, of course! Bummies are great for all occasions when it comes to warmer weather. They can be worn as "shorts" with or without a top on and not to mention, they are adorable!

baby boy bummies

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There we have it! A packed list of baby boy wardrobe must haves for the entire first year! I hope you take a chance to check out our shop and see what you might be interested in for your little.

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