Small Shop Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies

Looking to shop small for your friend/family members newborn baby? I am sharing an awesome collection of small shop gift ideas for newborn babies that can be found in our very own shop!

newborn clothing ideas from small shop

Best Gifts for Newborn Babies

The best gifts for newborn babies are ones that cover the essentials. Things like clothing, blankets, diapers, etc make for the best types of gifts because those are the things parents will be buying over and over whereas they likely already have planned to purchase the bigger things like a Mamaroo or bassinet.

So today I wanted to share a few of those essentials that you can grab from our small shop!

Let's dive into some small shop gift ideas for newborn babies!

Small Shop Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies

1. Zippered Sleepers

If you haven't had a baby, you probably do not know just how useful zippered sleepers are. Zippers are SO much easier on parents as compared to buttoned sleepers and they make diaper changing that much easier.

You can shop our zippered sleepers here.

2. Footed Sleepers

Again, zippered sleepers are ideal and footed sleepers are even better. They will help keep babies feet warm both day and night!

Click here to shop our footed sleepers.

3. Swaddle Blanket

Your friend is about to use so many swaddle blankets for her newborn baby and it would be so kind of you to help them out and grab one or two extras for them! They will end up using them for everything!

Click here to shop our collection.

4. Soft Sole Shoes

Soft sole shoes are a great gift idea for newborn babies because they help keep babies feet warm at all times. Baby won't be walking anytime soon but they will always need something over their little toes!

Click here to shop our selection.

5. Casual Onesies

Casual onesies are a great gift idea because they will be used every single day! Our onesies are buttery soft and make for amazingly comfortable onesies for baby.

Shop our collection here.

6. Warm Hats

Of course a warm hat is a great idea for baby! Unless they're born at the start of winter, it is nice to have some extra hats for baby. Odds are it'll be cold, or cold for baby, and having some extra hats on hand will always be nice for the parents!

Click here to shop our collection of knitted hats for baby.

7. Bummies

Bummies are awesome for so many occasions. If it is warm outside they can be worn over the diaper as the bottoms of the outfit. They can be worn over the diaper under dresses. So many options for using bummies! They are a great small shop gift idea for newborn babies.

Click here to shop our collection.

8. Footed Two Piece Set

Odds are your friend/family member will want to dress their little one in more than just onesies and sleepers so grabbing them a footed matching set will work great for both day and night for them! Two piece sets are nice because you can simply take the pants off to change the diaper over taking the entire outfit off.

Click here to shop our collection.

9. Matching Two Piece Set

And last we have a matching two piece set for baby. These sets are great because they are cute and work as great day time outfits for the newborn baby!

Click here to shop our collection.

I hope you found some great inspiration and ideas for gifting the parents of the soon to be newborn baby in your life!


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