The BEST Baby Led Weaning Tips for Twins

The BEST Baby Led Weaning Tips for Twins

This list of baby led weaning tips for twins will teach you how to introduce real food to your babies the easy way.

*NOTE: I am not a pediatrician or nutritionist. I am simply sharing what I have learned in my own experience as a parent of twins who did baby led weaning.*

Why Go With Baby Led Weaning For Twins

For parents of multiples, baby led weaning (BLW) is the perfect way to satisfy their needs and provide them with a healthy diet. The best part about BLW is that it's easy! You can simply let your twins feed themselves and watch them explore their food.

As you have probably found out by now, bottle feeding two babies at once is a LOT and you know what's more? Spoon feeding two babies at the same time. So to limit the chaotic mess, baby led weaning twins is a great route to go!

Another reason that baby led weaning for twins is a great idea is that it can save you a LOT of money. Spending money on tons of specific baby foods can get expensive but a banana that might last them 2-3 "meals" is about .50!

Finally, the last reason that baby led weaning is great for twins is because it helps instill independence early on and that is something you most definitely want with twins!

What is Baby Led Weaning?

BLW is a baby feeding approach that allows your child to self-feed with solid foods, starting at around six months old. Baby led weaning lets babies control how much they eat and how fast they eat it. There is no spoon-feeding or pureeing of food involved in blw; instead, you offer your baby pieces of age-appropriate cut-up food that they can grasp in their hands such as a long strip of banana, avocado slice, etc. Be sure to avoid small bites of things when starting out as they are a choking hazard! Smushing things like blueberries and grapes is ideal.

When to Start Baby Led Weaning

Some babies are ready as early as six months old, while others may not be interested until closer to nine months old.

Some signs that your babies are ready to begin baby led weaning include:

  • The ability to sit without support
  • Has good neck control
  • Interest in watching others eat
  • Enjoying food smells and faces of those eating around them
  • Opens their mouth when bringing food close to their face

Now that you know what baby led weaning is and when your babies should be ready to begin, let's dive into some baby led weaning tips for twins!

Baby Led Weaning Tips for Twins

1.Feed Them Next to Each Other

Feeding your babies next to each other is an obvious must. You want to be right there should something happen to either of them. You can also opt to feed one and then the other to minimize any risks from baby led weaning. I personally fed them both at the same time every time because it made the most sense for my family.

2.Use Food Catching Bibs

Friends, these bibs are a LIFE SAVOR for twins! I am not kidding. Baby led weaning can get super messy and these bibs help collect the food that the babies would otherwise drop, making it so much easier to clean up after two babies have sat and investigated new foods.

Seriously, check out these bibs now!

3.Feed Them the Same Foods

I think it's important to feed them the same foods at the same time because you'll save TIME! Who wants to feed two babies two different things? If it's necessary because of dietary restrictions, then of course make them different plates but if not, definitely feed them the same meals!

4.Use High Chair Covers

And the last of the baby led weaning tips for twins, make sure to use high chair covers! These things are life savors, just like the food-catching bibs. Most of the mess will be around the high chairs themselves and you can easily throw these high chair covers into the wash.

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I hope these baby led weaning tips for twins helps you get started on your own baby led weaning journey!

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