11 Winter Diaper Bag Essentials All New Parents Need

11 Winter Diaper Bag Essentials All New Parents Need

Winter diaper bag essentials are different than diaper bag essentials for other seasons. What can you put in your diaper bag to keep your baby warm and cozy? This blog post will list the top winter diaper bag must-haves that you should pack when heading out into the cold.

winter diaper bag essentials list

Making sure the baby stays warm and cozy during winter will be a lot easier with the tips inside of this post!

Tips for Keeping Baby Warm During Winter

A few tips for keeping baby warm during winter include...

  • Make sure to dress them in layers. This way they stay warm but you can easily take a layer off if they're getting too warm.
  • Always make sure to safely use blankets around babies. Do not let them sleep with a loose blanket. Instead, dress them warmly in zippered sleepers and maybe a safe swaddle if they do not roll around yet.
  • Always make sure their clothes are comfortable and waterproof
  • Use a waterproof diaper bag/backpack
  • Always keep your babies head, hands, and feet covered up

& of course, the best tip for keeping your baby warm during the winter is making sure you have the winter diaper bag essentials listed in this post!

Winter Diaper Bag Essentials


A lightweight baby or stroller blanket is perfect for the diaper bag during winter because it's an easy way to keep your little one warm without having to wear too many layers.

Insulated Water Bottle for Milk

I highly suggest pre-prepping any formula/milk and keeping it inside of an insulated water bottle to make feeding times easy on the go if you're not nursing!

Hats + Mittens

Make sure you are always ready to go during winter in order to keep baby warm and pack a hat or two along with some mittens.

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Soft Sole Shoes/Booties

Shoes are the easiest way to make sure your baby's feet are staying nice and warm in the frigid temperatures!

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Warm Footed Rompers

If shoes aren't your thing for your baby, make sure to pack along some warm rompers that will surely keep your baby's feet (and body!) nice and cozy.

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Extra Set of Warm Clothing

It could be a romper or a pair of pants and a shirt. Whatever it may be, make sure it's a warm outfit fit for the chilly temperatures outside.

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An Extra Warm Jacket or Two

Remember, babies spit up and have accidents in the entirety of what they're wearing. Along with your normally packed extra set of clothing, be sure to pack an additional jacket!

Lotion or Ointment

Cold weather can dry out your baby's skin pretty quickly and make them uncomfortable. Keep some lotion or ointment in your diaper bag over winter to prevent that!


This is for you. The cold winter air is super harsh on your lips so keep some chapstick to keep yourself comfortable!

Water Bottle

Another one for you! Make sure you're keeping hydrated.

A Hand Sanitizer Alternative

During cold weather times like these, simply sanitizing your hands won't cut it anymore. Keep an alcohol-free hand cleaner in your diaper bag that doesn't dry out or irritate infant skin!

I hope this list of winter diaper bag essentials helps you pack the perfect diaper bag for your baby this winter!

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