Eco-Friendly Baby Clothing Tips and Ideas for Building a Wardrobe

Eco-Friendly Baby Clothing Tips and Ideas for Building a Wardrobe

If you're wanting to stick to an eco-friendly way of a raising a baby, these eco-friendly baby clothing tips should help you go more green in the closet.

Staying Eco-Friendly While Raising a Baby

There are many different ways you can stick to your eco-friendly lifestyle even after having a baby. You can use things like reusable wipes, eco-friendly bottles if bottle feeding, and stick to cloth diapering for example as ways to go green with a baby.

Sticking to an eco-friendly lifestyle while raising a baby doesn't have to be as hard as it seems.

Today I am going to be sharing some eco-friendly baby clothing tips so that you can keep up with your green lifestyle while also building up your babies wardrobe with some cute baby clothing!

Let's dive into my eco-friendly baby clothing tips.

eco conscious baby clothing tips

Eco-Friendly Baby Clothing Tips

Shop Local

Shopping local is a great eco-friendly clothing option for your baby! Shopping local leads to less needed transportation, less habitat loss, and less pollution. Some great ways to shop local would be to check out your local farmers markets!

You can read more about shopping local and it's impacts here.

Choose Small Shop Over Big Box Stores

Everyone knows that shopping small is a great choice because you're supporting a person just like you instead of a big corporation, but it is also a great choice for the environment for reasons listed above when it comes to shopping more local. Etsy is a great choice when it comes to shopping small but there are tons of different small clothing shops for babies out there (you're checking out our shop right now!).

Stick With Organic Cotton Options

Not only is organic cotton safer for your babies skin, but it is a great choice when it comes to environmental impact.

You see, organic cotton farming is much more sustainable and uses less energy and water than traditional cotton farming.

You can read more about it here.

We have a few different organic cotton pieces in our shop. You can check them out here!

Choose Clothing That You Can Pass On to Future Kids

Another great one of my eco-friendly baby clothing tips is to shop with the intent of passing on. Gender neutral styles are a great idea when it comes to being eco-conscious baby clothing wise. This way not only does the clothing look adorable now, but it will look equally adorable on any future kids/kids you can pass them on to.

We have quite a few gender neutral timeless pieces in our shop that you can check out here.

Buy Multi-Function Clothing

My last eco-friendly baby clothing tip; buy clothing that has a variety of uses.

Sure, the extravagant dress will look adorable for pictures, but dresses that can fit more than one occasion would be a much more eco-conscious decision.

A great option when it comes to this is building a capsule wardrobe for your baby.

Check out these posts for tips on building a baby capsule wardrobe:

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This goes for any and all of your baby's wardrobe. Purchase onesies/pants/etc that can be worn a variety of ways so that you are lessening the impact of your clothing purchases.

We have a variety of multi-function clothing options in our shop that you can check out here.

There you have it! Five eco-friendly baby clothing tips that should help you continue on living a sustainable lifestyle even with a baby!

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